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For a constructive, socially oriented, religious and ideological dialogue in Europe

DialoguePerspectives: Discussing Religions and Worldviews is a European platform for developing and establishing new and innovative forms of dialogue between and across different faiths and worldviews and bringing about societal change on the basis of expertise regarding pluralism. DialoguePerspectives makes a significant contribution to understanding and cooperation between different religions and worldviews in Europe, strengthening and defending European civil society and shaping a plural, democratic Europe built on principles of solidarity.

Guiding questions:

  • How can we enter into a common dialogue across national, cultural, and religious-ideological borders?

  • How can we position ourselves as a reflection of the increasingly plural European society within existing discourses?

  • How can we counter the fragmentation and polarization associated with pluralism - culminating in attacks on religious minorities and the calling into question of interreligious dialogue by right-wing extremism and nationalism?

  • What new forms of speaking about issues at the interface between religions, worldviews, politics, and society can be developed together?

  • How can differences and conflicts in personal lifestyles be addressed and, at the same time, common positions be adopted?

  • How can collaborative social action be shaped?

Jo Frank: Director of Strategy

Johanna Korneli: Program Manager

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