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The Catholic Academy in Berlin - a place of thinking, believing and questioning, of exchange and reflection.

At the Catholic Academy in Berlin, in the center of the capital, politicians, intellectuals, theologians, and representatives of various religions come together to debate with artists and scholars. Scientists talk with experts from economic and social practice. The Catholic Academy in Berlin is open to all who are interested in the inner connections between religion, politics, culture, and society.

Guiding questions:

  • How can the Christian-Jewish dialogue in Berlin be internationalized while focusing on the conflict-ridden role of religions in democratic cultures?

  • How can a network of Jewish and Catholic ambassadors be established to promote young academics and intervene effectively in public debates?

  • How can the inner plurality and tension of Judaism and Christianity be addressed as a prerequisite for understanding the difficulties and failures of interreligious dialogues?

  • In the course of a rediscovery of the political traditions of Judaism and Catholicism, how can religious communication capacities be cultivated in order to identify lasting differences as well as common interests?

  • How can joint debates on the role of religion in the secular-pluralistic democratic culture of Europe be initiated and can the associated "culture wars" be transformed productively?

Joachim Hake: Director

Dr. Gesine Palmer: Project Expert

Dr. Stephan Steiner: Researcher

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