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We support you in your dialogue with political decision-makers. We prefer to work in the long term and develop a foresighted positioning for you. We offer you a deep understanding of political issues and potential risks, and help you to respond to current legislative initiatives.

News around our project "Cohesion through Conflict"

presented by Dr. John Bohnen

Program start with Keynote from Armin Nassehi

This much God. Panel discussion

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Christina von Braun

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Gregor Maria Hoff

Panel discussion on plurality competence

Gesine Palmer in DLF: Open Societies at War

offene_gesellschaften_im_krieg_die_stunde_der_trickster_und_drk_20221018_0720_dbe2f13dArtist Name
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Haus am Dom: Christ Jesus the Jew in Wake of October 7th

presented by Dr. John Bohnen

Paneldiskussion zu Anti-Antisemitismus und Postkolonialismus

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