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Shared program interests

Emphasizing the cultural, social and political relevance of religion - especially in the horizon of a "secular age"

Using the potential of religions to deal with societal plurality and to promote democracy and social cohesion

  • Highlighting the cultural, social, and political relevance of religion - especially in the context of a "secular age"

  • Making intra-religious and inter-religious differences and plurality visible - as an enriching but also conflictual phenomenon that stands in contrast to an essentializing rhetoric of identity

  • Cultivating the ability to speak and argue about religious and ideological conflicts - as a contribution to political education, democratic culture, and peaceful social coexistence

  • Viewing religion less in terms of individual faith than of institutionalized cultural communities

  • Communicating theological dialogue processes in order to shape public opinion and to provide a basis for faith-related policy decisions

  • Identifying and solving everyday faith-related problems with the help of religiously trained interfaith agents


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